October 10, 2008

The Condition of my Heart

About six months ago I was doing a haircut in my kitchen when God had a divine appointment set for me that day.  My sweet friend was getting a cute little “do” while I listened to what God had to share with me threw this sister in Christ.  I had been struggling with my heart for adoption, we had just started the process and I was so disappointed at the idea.  I knew I wanted more children but adoption wasn’t in my plan until baby #3.  So a battle raged on in my heart and mind everyday, the guilt of being in this process when I really didn’t want to.  I was experiencing


October 05, 2008

A bit about my story

I had just turned 16.  I passed my driving test and was on my way to driving around town in my red cabriole with black and white cow cover seats.  Excited about life just as any other 16 year old would be.  It was March, 1993. For my brothers birthday, my family decided to do some spring skiing up in Tahoe, beautiful that day I remember, warm and the sun was hot!  I remember on our long drive home, I started not feeling well. I felt like I was coming down with the flu. I felt achy and had a low grade fever and just wanted to sleep.  And that was the beginning of my journey.  Several months went by of me not feeling well.  I would attend school for a few days and then be out for a few, I’d be at the doctors, back and forth, once a week, then a few times a week until it turned into every day.  I can remember showing up at the doctors office and I was too weak to walk so they wheeled me up in a wheelchair.  They finally admitted me to the hospital, where they ran a whole band of tests and I was released 4 days later with no diagnosis but rather, “take her home and make her comfortable, she’s probably not going to make it.”  I headed back to my doctors office the following day to go over some lab work.  The office was small…white…sterile. 


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