June 12, 2010

What is Humility?

Humility is Christ…

“Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped.” Phil. 2:6

Today this verse stood out to me more than ever before.  Can you imagine?  Jesus was by nature God but He didn’t even consider being equal to Him when he lived on earth?  When he came to walk with man He denied all rights, privileges and benefits of being God.  He chose to spend his life serving others rather than being served himself.  He wasn’t prideful of his heritage, didn’t walk around bragging about the benefits of being of God…but rather took on man’s identity and all that encompasses it…He submitted to God the Father.

What is my attitude to look like as a follower of Christ?  It is to look like His.  This means surrendering my rights.  I can’t serve others if my rights take precedence in any part of my life.  If Christ can deny the pride of who he was, (being equal with God) while on earth, then I can surely deny my rights as a sinner saved by grace. 

But why is this so hard?  I was convicted of this because I find myself feeling like I have a lot of rights concerning my health especially.  “I deserve to live a long life, feeling well and active…I deserve to watch my kids grow up and marry…I deserve to find the best doctors and treatments…”  Of course I’d love to have these things but Christ would probably have loved to use His “rights as God” while on earth…But out of humility he chose to relate to man, to serve others and surrender to God’s will over his own. 

“...in humility, consider others better than yourselves.”  Phil. 2:3

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July 10, 2010 Philip Davis

I love that verse. Christ’s example of obedience is incredible. Thanks for sharing!

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