December 31, 2008

Toddler Quiet Time

Owen quit napping about 6 months ago, just about the hardest transition in this little persons life.  So many days he wanted to nap (I would be the only one aware of this by his lovely behavior, meltdowns and whining around 4 o’clock), however, if he did sneak in a late nap, bedtime became a torturous nightmare for all involved.  So now, almost 4, he’s adjusted quite well to the no nap and goes to bed with such ease.  Although, it left me a bit unsettled…how was I going to make it through the day without a little sanity break where silence would just penetrate my eardrums!  A quiet time, fabulous idea. And it works.  Not every day but most days, around 3ish, I offer Owen a nap or a quiet time.  100% of the time he picks the latter.  He gets to pick out however many books he’d like, pile them high on his bed and sit there quietly for about 20-30 minutes reading.  When I first started this, I would let him get down and play in his room quietly for another half hour, giving me about an hour of quiet time myself.  Although, just over the past few weeks we’ve modified the second half. Instead, I go in and sit with him and read him books for about 20 minutes.  I was finding that sometimes our bedtime reading gets cut short depending on what we are doing in the evening and I know how important it is that I continue to read to him, so this guarantees some good reading time with him even though it cuts my quiet time in half…that’s ok, it seems to be plenty. 

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