June 09, 2009

Teaching on the 5 Senses

A few days ago, Owen and I were having school time. I decided we would learn about the 5 senses God gave us - touch, smell, hear, see and taste. We did our first experiment with touch...so I took two brown bags, put 7 items in each bag (both bags having the same objects) - cotton ball, marble, safety pin, hair claw clip, foil, dice and a toy car. Next, he had to close his eyes (if he could remember to) and put one hand in each bag and feel the objects and pull out the same object from each bag.

He did it and he was so proud of himself. It was really fun to see him understand that he could figure something out like this without having to actually see it. He had to use his sense of touch to accomplish the task. It has been really fun to talk about our senses since then, it actually comes up quite a bit in conversation now. I love to see him learn! He loves it, especially when we make it fun.

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