January 10, 2009

Supplement Recommendation

I get asked quite often about supplements.  Over the past 16 years, I’ve tried my share of the things on the market, most I have to admit I haven’t seen a lot a results from, at least physically.  I mentioned on an earlier post about being on a vegan diet for about a year, in which I was monitored and under the care of a great doctor out of New Jersey.  His approach to treating illness was from a high nutrient diet standpoint - flood the body with loads and loads of nutrient dense foods, while restricting (severely) the foods that harm.  He was a very dedicated doctor and I was taken very well care of for the year I was under his care.  For me, this approach didn’t have complete success, a lot to do with being in the middle of an aggressive flare with the liver disease, which in the end required high doses of immunosuppressants.  I learned a tremendous amount about nutrition through him and ways of getting more nutrients into my daily diet which, even though I am not continuing on a vegan diet, I have been able to still incorporate into a diet including some meat and animal products.

One of my favorite things I pulled away from my time with this doctor was the resources about supplements. I have continued to purchase several supplements from him because the quality is exceptional from the experience I’ve had with them. I actually took the supplements into several other doctors and they were astounded by the quality and purity. So I thought I’d pass on the link, you can check them out.


The supplements I am familiar with that we buy on a continual basis are:
1.  Multivitamin - Gentle Care
2. Calcium with Vit. D3 - OsteoSun (actually personally experienced an increase in my D3 through blood work)
3. Childrens Multivitamin - Pixie Vites (when I compared this with the ones in the store, I was blown away by the quantity of each vitamin, this is an awesome one for children!)

I don’t claim that these are the best, but I do know that they are the first vitamins I’ve used where I’ve actually seen a difference in my health and how I feel.

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January 12, 2009 Lisa

I was just trying to figure out some good vitamins to get for Scott and I. I’m out and almost picked up some vitamin D at TJ’s but wanted to do some research first…perhaps we can chat about this when we come to visit! See you soon!

January 16, 2009 Danika

Hey Lis,
For sure, remind me…actually talk to me if you can about it before you come up , we could do a group order and get free shipping if you want. The vitamins are awesome!  If you want a straight Vit D, go with the Carlsons brand, Fuhrman doesn’t have a straight D.

February 15, 2009 Lisa

Hey Dan,
I just saw that you replied to this…thanks! I’m back on plan with getting new vitamins and such. I’m starting a sugar detox today to hopefully help my headaches and keep me a bit healthier. I think my eating is contributing to how frequently I catch a cold or flu. SO, will you let me know when you are going to order vitamins again? Can Scott take the same multivitamin as I would? Also I’ve been reading about probiotics and think I could benefit from taking one…any recommendations? Does Dr. Fuhrman offer those? Well, thanks for your help with this, look forward to hearing from you! Miss you guys!

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