September 08, 2009

Random Kitchen Secrets

You know those tips that you learn along the way from your great grandmother or in my case, my own mom who happens to be great in the kitchen… well I thought I’d compile them and share them, who knows maybe they’ll help out in some small way…

1. To keep strawberries fresh for a long time keep them in a sealed container in the frig with a paper towel in it.
2. To keep leafy greens fresh, store a paper towel in the bag they are kept in (absorbs the moisture).
3. Leave a small bowl of distilled vinegar on the counter to get rid of bad odors.
4. Keep onions in the frig and you won’t have much of a problem with tearing or burning eyes.
5. Distilled vinegar diluted in water makes a great cleaning agent for hardwood floors.
6. Freeze liquids or soups (we eat a lot of them) in freezer bags and flatten them, once frozen they stack nicely and it saves tons of room.
7. Anytime you’re roasting vegetables, potatoes, ect. lay parchment paper down on the baking sheet and it makes clean up a breeze and there’s no sticking.
8. When making cookies, use a 1 inch scooper and scoop all the cookies onto a plate and freeze (I’m talking the raw dough).  Once hardened, about an hour, transfer to a zip lock or container and you always have cookies available.  Just take out however many you need and bake, just add an additional 2-3 min because they are frozen.  This is my favorite tip because it allows us to only cook what we should eat, not what we want to eat which is the entire batch!
8. Dawn dish soap does wonders on hard to clean shower glass doors.
9. Seran wrap is a hard supply to find that actually sticks but the Kirkland brand at Costco is awesome!!!
10. When using fresh ginger root, if you have some left, freeze it.  When you need if for later use, it’s actually easier to use frozen because it grates really easy (just don’t forget to peel it as you use it).
11. Put a penny in the bottom of a vase of tulips and they stand right up.
12. Store mushrooms in a brown paper bag in the frig and they stay fresh much longer. 

That’s all I can think of for now…


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