September 07, 2009

Prayer of Humility

So I’m sure you can relate to me, having the thought at one point in time to pray for humility… kinda like when you pray for patience.  And it seems that almost always, this prayer is faithfully answered every time.  A few months ago, the Spirit really began making me very aware and sensitive to pride in my life and so began my hesitant prayer that the Lord would keep me humble in my words, my thoughts and actions.  And as most of you know, health and nutrition is one of my passions in life. Well, I took my son to the dentist the other day for his 6 month check-up (mind you he had a cavity at age three despite adult brushing and flossing….it was between the top two front teeth for pete sake!) 

The nurse came to get him and he took his 4 year old self right back to the chair all by himself just talking her little ear off.  Thirty minutes goes by and the doctor comes out to talk to me.  He has his glasses dangling off the tip of his nose and he leans slightly towards me and says, “Well, we took x-rays today and Owen has another cavity and we’ve put a watch on some other teeth as well…when we see this in children his age it is usually 99.99% related to diet.”  Seriously, I think my mouth dropped to the floor. Does this man have any idea what my child eats?  Does he have any idea the effort I make to avoid the foods that cause cavities (the ugly pride)?  The nurse looks at me and says, “Aren’t you the mom the makes your own granola bars?”  Apparently that doesn’t really matter. His recommendation, I start letting Owen drink tap water so he starts getting fluoride systemically (which is an entirely separate post in itself)  as well as beginning to use flouride toothpaste.

I am… with a child that has had a runny nose for 16 months due to enlarged adenoids and two cavities before the age of 5.

At the end of the day, I reflected on the fact that I have done all that I can as a mom to feed him right, make his snacks from scratch, avoid sugar and limit flour and processed foods, use pure filtered water and here I am… with a child that has had a runny nose for 16 months due to enlarged adenoids and two cavities before the age of 5.  It was a humbling day. A day to remind me again that I am not in control.  A day to remind me to do what I can but to enjoy life in the process.  A day to remind me to laugh rather than get discouraged with my failed attempts.  A day to dissolve the pride of my efforts and welcome in the humility that I am just me, lacking in strength without His, lacking in wisdom without His word, lacking in humility when I depend solely on myself.  So we’re off to get his cavity filled at the end of the month.  We feel he’s old enough to spit so we’ve added the fluoride toothpaste and as for his diet, still trying to make good choices for my son regardless of what the outcome is. 

Some tips from the dentist if you’re like me and are trying to avoid sugar and processed treats:
Avoid or heavily limit honey, aguave nectar, dried fruit, granola bars (the biggest contributor to cavities he says), and all foods that remotely stick…. Isn’t that fun?

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April 29, 2011 Nene May

Hi there,

I have enjoyed reading your blogs for the first time.  I have very recently been diagnosed as having Lupus SLE.  Today it is particularly painful and has had me feeling very sorry for myself for most of today. 

I have been praying to be delivered from this condition as I know I don’t have the power to do anything but all through faith in Jesus. 

There is one thing that I have been wondering and it relates to this article somewhat.  I wonder whether my being a slight hypochondriac most of my life has caused me to become so sick aged 30.  You see my mum was a little hypochondriac and very picky about what she ate and how much physical contact she gave because of a fear of getting sick.  It passed on to me a little and the slight sign of dust and I start coughing, if i so much as see dirt on tv i start scratching, I wash my hand constantly before allowing my hands to go anywhere near my face and I used to worry about my health all the time long before i felt anything like i feel like now. 
Seriously I think I have brought this illness unwittingly on to myself for being programmed to be afraid of dirt or infection from a young age and i chose to turn into my mother after I had my daughter.  Please let me know if this makes any sense to you and if so, i wonder how to turn this around.  I am trying to think myself healthy again…  If you could help me with a prayer for health I would be very grateful.  Thanks

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