January 07, 2009

Praise for 2009!

So January is finally here!  Praise God!  I’ve been talking with God over the past few weeks about what it is that He would desire our family to work on this coming year.  One of my mentors always encourages her disciples to seek and ask the Lord for something that He would desire to do in your heart the coming year, like an area that He will develop in you over the next 12 months.  After looking over this past year, and especially over the past 8 weeks, my heart keeps coming back to praise. 

Psalm 34:1 (out of the Message)
I bless God every chance I get;
my lungs expand with his praise.

I love this!  I had a good friend and mentor of mine give me a copy of this version of the verse back in December and it has very much impacted my heart in the area of praising our Lord!
So we decided as a family that Owen was old enough to be a part of this so for our family, this year we are desiring to learn more about the heart of praise. God’s word talks about how we are to praise Him for everything, in everything and at all times.  It’s been such a sweet time talking about it with Owen.  It’s our new thing we do at breakfast.  It’s made me sit down with him every morning. How easy is it to run about and get things done, especially when you have the slowest eating child ever?  But for a week now, we’ve been getting the bible out and reading different verses about praise and then we talk about some things that we praise God for.  It’s amazing to me how much he enjoys it.

...the enemy will be on the attack as this is the last thing he desires God’s children to do.

Anyway, I know even as I write this, the enemy will be on the attack as this is the last thing he desires God’s children to do.  But I experienced first hand this past December, the result of praising Him even when I didn’t feel like it…immediate peace and joy in Him, quite the opposite of what I thought I’d experience…a miracle I think!

I know it’s easier to think of things that we can give up or try to do better each year when we make our resolutions, but I would encourage you too to ask the Lord if there’s something He desires to do in your heart this year and let Him do it.  That’s the best part - letting Him do the work!  And we get to experience the fruit of His transformation in us. 




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January 10, 2009 Heather

What a great habit for Owen to form when he is still young!  I’d love to hear some of the praises he has for God.  Thanks also for the reminder that God does the work and all we have to do is let him….so cool!!!

January 11, 2009 Annie

Can you continue to share things like this that you are doing with Owen, I love the older women you have in your life that pass down this knowledge, keep the train going and keep sharing it with us! Love it!

January 16, 2009 Danika

@ Heather - So I wish I could say they were all so spiritual, but come on, he’s 4!  But they just are so precious.  We praise God for toys a lot, but today he praised God for healing his three boo boo’s and for finding his rain boots!

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