November 12, 2009

Part Two - Lunch

Kids Lunch Ideas -
1. 100% Whole Wheat/Grain bread with raw almond butter and agave nectar or low sugar jelly.
2.  Raw Organic Firm Tofu (on occasion)
3.  Left overs from the day before.
4.  Homemade soup
5.  Organic Chicken Dogs (on occasion)
6.  Brown rice pasta noodles with homemade marinara sauce
7.  Black bean and cheese quesadilla (on occasion because we’re not big dairy people)
8.  Plain black or pinto beans
9.  Nitrate & Nitrite free lunch meat (rare occasion)
10. Whole Wheat Pita filled with tuna or other protein plus grated veges and hummus (still trying to get him to eat this one..some day)

I serve every lunch with one of the above proteins, along with tons of raw veggies such as bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes, avocados, celery, snap peas.  I usually offer a fruit option towards the end as well.  Again, I try to make sure there’s protein, healthy fat and vegetables with all my lunches. Crackers or carb stuff is offered if all the other parts have been eaten and they’re still hunger. Hang in there and keep at it. My son never liked to drink water but I persisted enough and withheld diluting it with juice and now he drinks it no problem… it just took a while and it took me sticking to it. They eventually come around:) 

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