November 01, 2009

Part One - Breakfast

As promised, my next few posts will be targeting each meal and ideas for your children as you start to get their little diets turned around.  I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the hunt for new ideas for food choices because after a while, if feels so mundane in our household with the foods I’ve exposed my son to.  So hopefully these ideas will help you out. Start slow, it can be overwhelming to make changes in little one’s lives, especially ones that are intended for lifelong lifestyle changes.  Adding one new food option a week might be enough to start with it… I’ve had plenty of experience in going cold turkey or trying to make the changes all at once in their entirety but this approach almost always fails…

Kids Breakfast Ideas- (I tend to just alternate through them on a weekly basis)
1.  Irish Oatmeal (Trader Joes) - Cook with almond milk or water, drizzle of aguave nectar, dash of
    vanilla and cinnamon, chunk of apple cut up real small and a small handful of raisins
    Bowl of fresh fruit and a few raw nuts
2.  Eggs (usually scrambled or poached) - Cooked with coconut oil
    Half piece whole grain toast
    Bowl of fresh fruit
3.  French Toast - Cooked with coconut oil,  100% organic maple syrup.  (Check recipe in recipe
    Bowl of fresh fruit
4.  Cereal (usually some whole grain, low sugar one).  We allow a sugar cereal on Sat. or Sun.
    but when I say sugar cereal, I’m meaning a healthy cereal that just may have a little higher sugar
    content, like the Gorilla Munch or Honey Nut Cheerios from Trader Joes.
    Bowl of fresh fruit
5.  Hardboiled egg
    Bowl of fresh fruit
6.  Waffles or Pancakes (Made from scratch with Buckwheat flour or sometimes I get the brown rice
    frozen ones from Trader Joes for a rare “in a pinch” breakfast)
    Bowl of fresh fruit
7.  Trail Mix - raw almonds, cashews, walnuts and macadamia nuts, raisins or cranberries
    Bowl of fresh fruit
8.  Toast with raw almond butter and a low sugar jam or aguave nectar with cinnamon
    Bowl of fresh fruit

* Bowl of fresh fruit is substituted with a green smoothie as well.

Breakfast supplements:
Favorite Flora
Calcium with vitamin D (I break open an adult capsule and mix it in with a tablespoon of applesauce).  Our family eats very little dairy which is why I choose to supplement this vitamin.

Bottle line, as I’m making a meal for the kids I quickly look for protein, fat (complex carbs too but they are almost always present without trying) and fresh fruits or veggies at each meal. 

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