April 13, 2009

My Favorite Lupus Resources

So I’ve been dealing with this disease for 16 years and have tried many alternative therapies along my journey.  Some have worked and I’ve see results, other have not but I at least gave them a try. I thought I’d share with you a brief list of the treatments that I have see results with so that if you happen upon my blog, dealing with autoimmune disease and you’re wondering where to even begin, hopefully some of this will get you started.  I will say, many of these sites or references are hard core and I’ve done the hard core thing on more than one occasion, however, for me personally, hard core (extreme) leaves me bound to the idol of self…it keeps my eyes fixed on self and what I can do.  So I do take care of myself and I do my best to eat the things that help and stay away from the things that don’t, but it’s not my life.  My Lord is still in control, He is all seeing and all knowing and I believe that regardless of how hard core I am or am not at my diet or lifestyle, He’s still God… He still has a plan for me to be a an active part of. And I know that my life and my circumstances have not been aloud for me to simply live to heal myself. God has much more for me to do besides be a slave to my health. So all that to say, I really try to find a balance in my life…seeking Him to ask what it is for Danika to treat her body as a temple for Him, letting Him help me find the balance of my part verses His.  Hopefully some of these resources will be helpful.

1.  Dr. Chen - Chinese Acupuncturist and Professor of The San Francisco College of Acupuncture
4691 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 655-2299

Dr. Chen is my current doctor whom I’ve seen the most results with over the past 16 years. He works with just about everything from autoimmune disease to cancer to high blood pressure to allergies.  He’s an MD from China and has been practicing acupuncture in Oakland and San Francisco for 30 years. He is the vice president of the The San Francisco College of Acupuncture and works closely with MD’s from UCSF as well as Stanford Medical Center. 

2.  The Lupus Recovery Diet - written by Jill Harrington

Jill is a young woman who recovered from lupus 15 years ago.  In her book, she shares in detail how she did it through diet and lifestyle. It has been one of the most helpful books for me as far as educating myself on diet and how to eat and care for my body in regards to living with an autoimmune disease.

3.  Dr. Fuhrman

Dr. Fuhrman has helped thousands of people recover and heal from disease. His approach is through a very extreme and radical vegan diet.  It seems the best people whom are candidates for this treatment are those who find him shortly after being diagnosed. Having had the disease for so long as well as having been on medication for so many years, it is harder to see 100% cure.  He is a very kind man, extremely compassionate and cares about the health of his patients.  You do have to have the money and time to commit to his plan as it is life changing. 

4.  Gerson Diet
This is one I have read a lot about but have not tried myself. However, I think it is a great read, very interesting and I would definitely keep it as an option for those who can afford the treatment and for sure for those with cancer. 

I will add to this list as I find things that are worth recommending. 

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September 07, 2009 nancy Leigh Norman Veach

Thank you for your website and the resources listed. I too have had SLE for many years and have tried various things. I still have active SLE, making some days worse than others, and some days really good. God also guides me and I have faith that HE also used my disease for HIS purposes, even when they are not clear to me. I still am on western medications continually, but have tried acupuncture for about 6 months to relieve stress. Thanks again for your website.

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