April 25, 2009

Learning about Solids and Liquids

Owen and I try to do “school time” a few times a week and last week we did our first science experiment.  We took 5 plastic cups and he got to add a different solid to each cup - salt, pepper, citric acid (came in a microscope kit), baking soda and sugar.  First he got to feel each of them and we talked about what a solid is- it’s shape stays the same and it takes up the same amount of space- like a popcyle, a stick of butter or an ice cube.  Then I filled up a measuring cup with water and he got to pour water in each glass and stir each one.  After a few minutes he was able to see that most of them dissolved into a liquid but something like pepper did not. Very simply, we talked about what it means when something dissolves from a solid into a liquid, such as an ice cube melting into a puddle of water. And he got to see and understand that not everything dissolves.  He loves to learn and it was something so simple to teach him about, all the things you need are in your kitchen (may have to substitute citric acid if you don’t have that around).  Fun experiment for a little one!

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April 25, 2009 Andrea Haddon

sounds like you guys had fun, he’s gonna be all set for school when it rolls around…. in 2 YEARS!!!! Great Job Dan!

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