May 25, 2009

Involving Kids in Healthy Food Choices

Sorry for my absence in postings...since my last post, we've acquired 8 chicks, 1 goat and I broke my foot in the middle of it all! So, now that my leg is healing quickly, Praise God, and our animals are settling in to their new home, I'm getting back to life...

For the past few months, I've been on a mission to find a compartmentalized Tupperware that I could use for my son's snacks. I use tones of Tupperware each week, storing different fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, that would be readily available for him and the family to eat. And this takes up a lot of room in my frig. So, this past weekend, I found a perfect container at the Container Store ($4.99), looks like a tool box (which makes it even more fun for Owen). I filled it up with healthy snacks and cleared off a shelf that he could reach and he thinks he is the biggest boy ever. I let him have snack time in the family room today while he had his book time and when I came back, the tomatoes, blueberries, snap peas and raisins were about gone!

Another fun item I found on clearance at the Container Store was a water jug ($3.97) with a spicket on it (is that not the most attractive thing in a doctors office with a four year old, a filtered water stand where they can fill their own cups!) So I filled it with water, placed it next to his snack pack (which is what he's named it) and he can now get himself water whenever he wants. Kids like choices and feeling like they get a say...what an opportunity to teach our kiddos healthy eating in a way that is fun for them!

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May 27, 2009 Olive Oyl

What a fun and creative idea!!!  My little one is still a bit too young to get all that of the fridge on his own, but he does love picking his own snack.  I try to make an effort to always have grapes, various berries, and bananas on hand and washed and ready to go so he can chose one to snack on.  I love the idea of the water, too!

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