September 12, 2009

I asked to hear His voice

It’s not uncommon for me to hear God speak to me.  Sometimes it’s been a still small voice, sometimes loud and audible, sometimes through others.  But for months now, I’ve felt more silence from the Lord yet I have some major circumstances whirling around me right now that I desperately would like to hear from Him on. I sat in church tonight and after an awesome time of worship I began to pray that the Lord would speak, that I would hear His voice, that if there was something I had been disobedient to in the past that is hindering me from hearing Him, show me so I can repent and obey.

“Fast and pray, and I mean pray.  Meet with me morning, noon and night.”

And the Lord began to speak. At first I had my typical thought, “Lord, is that you or me?”  but he said, “Fast and pray, and I mean pray.  Meet with me morning, noon and night.” I didn’t think much of it and the teaching went on.  The pastor spoke out of Acts 10.  We talked about Simon Peter and Cornelius…. he was the first Gentile to receive the Holy Spirit, he was a man committed to giving to the poor and he spent regular time with God.  And as a result, Cornelius was able to discern when God was speaking.  Anyway, at the end of the service, our pastor says something to the affect, “Some of you may need to go back to a life of prayer like Daniel had, meeting with the Lord three times a day.”  God had my attention.  He confirmed to my sweet doubting spirit that, yes, He was speaking to me and yes, He was asking me to commit to an intimate season of prayer. 

So then, it doesn’t stop there… I come home, (husband is at the movies).  The Lord brings to mind “The Secret of the Secret Place”, a book my mother-in-law gave me years ago. I found it on my book shelf, opened it up and by page three I was reading about Cornelius, right out of Acts 10, the very sermon I had just heard three hours ago.  Confirmation again of what He’s asking of me!

God always wants the chance to speak and be heard by his childrens but sometimes I think I miss His voice.  I think I set expectations up for the Lord to meet and when He doesn’t speak or act as I was expecting, I think He’s still or silent.  I want to hear Him speak to me daily, I want to be serving and being a part of His work daily but I can’t if I don’t hear Him.  We serve an awesome God who desires to speak to His children all day long.  And this same God has given us incredible power to do His work but we can’t be a part of this if we can’t hear Him.  We can’t obey if we aren’t able to recognize His voice.  It’s easy to do things for God but it’s so much harder to do the things that God wants/needs us to be doing because that requires us to stop, be still and be consistently spending time with Him so that we can discern His voice and know what He’s calling us to do. 

So my prayer was answered. He spoke and praise Him I heard!  I need to be obedient. I’m expecting Him to speak to me as I spend my morning, noon and nights with Him. 

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September 13, 2009 wendy

very cool.

October 29, 2009 Andrea Haddon

thanks I needed to read that, so appreciative that you share these things you are learning, so that we can glean from your wisdom.

October 29, 2009 wendy Hagen

I just gave you an award. Now you must update this blog. How about a good recipe? That reminds me, I need to send you the choc choc chip cookie one.

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