January 04, 2009

God’s using the meds

So Noah and I have decided that we needed to start the antibiotic with Owen.  It was such a neat opportunity to talk through with him the different ways God answers prayer.  We asked him if he was able to hear better today and he said, “I can hear, just not all the way.” 

We explained to him that he would need to take it and how it was an answer to his prayer, even though the answer didn’t come exactly how he had asked.  He seemed to understand as much as to be expected for an almost 4 year old…

So all the spiritual stuff is great and then you are reminded that he’s 4.

Owen - “Mom, that medicine was so yummy, can I please please have some more.”
Mom - “Well, you can have some more when you wake up.”

A little while later he was in bed and we were getting ready to pray…

Owen - “Mom, how does the medicine get to my ears if it goes down my shroat?”  (love that he can’t say his th’s)
Mom - (didn’t really know how to explain this)  Ummm…your blood will get it there. (pathetic,  right?)
Owen - Well, how does my blood get it there, it doesn’t have legs.

And what did Owen pray for tonight?
Yep.  That his blood would have legs.

I love this age!

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January 06, 2009 Jeremy Pinnix

As the parent of a 4 yr old boy, this sounds very familiar.

January 06, 2009 Noah Stokes

I wonder where he gets his smarts :D

January 06, 2009 anna swanson

i love that boy!  give him a huge hug from us all!!  =)

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