February 14, 2009

Foods to Avoid… Lupus or not!

Now for some posts on health.  Since last October, I’ve taken a break from the extreme way of eating as I embarked on Chinese medicine along side Western medicine treatment.  But now that I’m starting to have more good days than bad, I’m heading back to my research I have done over the past 15 years and trying to sort through the myriad of information. I think since taking a break, confessing the idol that my health had become, I’m able to now look at it from a different perspective.  I know there’s importance to diet and lupus and many other diseases, but I had to give less weight to it. 

...nothing surpasses the plans of the Lord, so putting my full faith in a diet healing me will get me nowhere.

For one, nothing surpasses the plans of the Lord, so putting my full faith in a diet healing me will get me nowhere.  And two, the stress to stick to such a radical protocol caused more problems than the disease itself.  Not to say go live on donuts but you know what I mean, I could put all this time and energy into eating well and at the end of the day, stressing over if I did enough or the right thing led to guilt and stress over my own effort and rate of success.  So here I am, kinda back at square one, re-assessing the loads of knowledge that sit in my brain on the topic of health and nutrition. 

It’s always been easy to hear or read of something that just might work and so I put all resources, strength and time into that and charge ahead. That has failed me enough times to know that won’t be the route I take anymore. Rather, I’m assessing what I do know that’s basic. Lets start there.

Things to avoid when dealing with an autoimmune disease (and really, the best things to limit for someone who doesn’t have health problems - moderation is best in these areas).
The four whites:
1. Sugar - refined sugar I’m talking about here.  It is well known that sugar suppresses the immune system. 
2. White flour - it has been stripped of all nutritional value.  The fiber has been removed and most nutrients, not to mention the artificial things added to it.
3. Dairy - a huge trigger for lupus and other autoimmune diseases. Hands down, one of the few things that most nutritional experts agree on when it comes to diet to improve disease is that lupus people cannot tolerate a high fat diet and dairy is considered in this category.  Many get concerned with calcium intake when they eliminate dairy but if you increase your leafy greens, you will be able to get enough.  We are one of the only populations that depends on dairy as our many source of calcium and yet those that don’t take in such large quantities of dairy still have less calcium deficient diseases. Those without disease, I’m still a huge advocate of raw milk, which is what we give my son….that’s a whole post in itself at a later date!
4. Salt - this one I am still researching but what I’ve found to be a good start is to limit it. I try my hardest to not cook with salt, rather use it at the end to sprinkle on top of food. This way you don’t take in the large quantities that can negatively offset your sodium to potassium ratio. So much of our foods are preserved with salt products, that our bodies are overloaded with it and it immediately leaches the potassium from our body which is an important factor for good health (potassium). 

Like I said above, for the average person without disease, it would be wise to limit these things as much as possible.  However, if you find yourself with an autoimmune disease and you are desiring to get control of it, this is where I’d start with diet. By removing these pro inflammatory foods from your diet, you automatically reduce the inflammation that is ravaging your system (and inflammation is a common factor in most diseases). 


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March 26, 2010 jayne

For years i’ve given up all whites ,well almost all and i still ended up with lupus and RA . What am i doing wrong ?

May 07, 2010 Jameica

Thank you for your testimony.  Yes the LORD is sovereign and He is the only healer.

July 23, 2010 lola

I have lived mostly healthy eating habits all my life. My allergies progressed and I eventually took Zyrtec for them, and ended up with Lupus. Wish I hadn’t now.

August 31, 2010 Katy

Other SLE triggers for me include - Tomatoes, Potatoes, Coffee, Cola, Coffee, SALT SALT SALT and ALL meats!

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