July 01, 2009

Cleanse Check-In

Wanted to share a little bit of what God is showing me through the cleanse so far.  So I’m finishing day 8 today and so far I’ve had one slip up which was a few sips of my husbands soda at a mexican restaurant.  But not a big deal to me, not getting legalistic about it. But something encouraging is that I feel like my mind has been so much more clear to pray. I’m not contributing this to the things I haven’t put into my body for a week but rather the constant reminder of the “no” foods has forced me to think on the Lord/be in constant communication with Him which has resulted in such clarity for prayer!

When you’re denying yourself of something it requires the discipline to think on/about something else.  The more difficult discipline comes in when you make the choice to think on things that honor the Lord and intercede more clearly for others rather than on selfish thoughts, desires and/or ideas. 

The Lord has had me in Deuteronomy for about a week now, brought me here right as I was starting the cleanse. And I remember thinking, “Why the Old Testiment Lord, I struggle to understand it when I study it on my own.”  But honestly,  I have never experienced anything like this before….the Lord clearly asked me turn to chapters 28-30. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them, praying through them…the Lord hasn’t spoken a ton to me through the OT (in my personal walk with Jesus) so this has been very different.  I plan to post more later on this but so far, it’s been amazing to see the incredible blessing attached to obedience and to me, you can’t have obedience without discipline.  So it doesn’t surprise me that the Lord would lead me to these chapters…I’m really looking forward to what He will teach me through them as I continue to pour out (deny myself in the physical) and take in His word that is alive, transforming and renewing. 

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July 09, 2009 wendy

Cool. we need to go out without kids soon and chat.

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