January 03, 2009

Childlike Faith

So Owen has been using the word “what” a lot lately.  After a while it started getting very frustrating…was he ignoring, was he starting selective hearing at the age of almost 4, or could he really not hear me every time I spoke? 

I came home yesterday from a doctors appointment and knocked on our door, which Owen was right on the other side of.  He didn’t even hear it.  Noah finally agreed, “take him to the doctor.”
So yesterday afternoon we were sitting in Dr. Whyte’s office and she looks in his ears, (I’m thinking ear wax) and she says, “Oh, he has a double ear infection.”  What a lovely mom I felt at this point. The infection isn’t bad, hence no symptoms and no complaining of pain.  But also a reason, the fluid behind both ears was making it difficult to hear. So she prescribed antibiotics. 
Here was our following conversation…

But this faith, I wish I could bottle it up, keep it this way forever.

Owen - “What did the doctor say?”
Me - “Well, she said you have some water in your ear that has made a little infection and she gave us medicine to make it go away.”
Owen - “Um, mom, I am not taking that medicine.”
Me - “But why, it will make it feel better.”
Owen - “Because mom, God can heal them.”

As Owen gets older, I learn more from him than I can keep track of. God has really used him so much in my walk with Jesus.  Many of my lessons that God is teaching me, he uses Owen to bring them about. What awesome faith, this is childlike faith, not tainted by the world or life experiences…or course these are needed as they bring us to a place of needing Jesus. But this faith, I wish I could bottle it up, keep it this way forever…He has the faith that I am praying for in myself. 

When Noah got home from work, he asked Owen, so you really aren’t up for taking the meds? And he went on to explain to Owen that when we ask we need to believe what we are asking of God…. and Owen says, “Daddy, I do believe that God can heal my ears.” 

So the prescription is sitting on the counter, not filled yet.  We are praying with Owen that God heals his ears. I know some think this is absurd, but it’s a mild ear infection. At this point, I’d rather see what God does for Owen’s faith.  And what a great opportunity to teach Owen about how God answers prayer, maybe by healing how he is asking or having to take the meds which is an answer even though not the one we were asking for.  We’ll see…Praising God for my faith-filled child and desiring to have his faith.

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