July 10, 2009

Alphabet Bible Verses

I heard about a similar idea an interview I was listening to on parenting. I spent some time looking for verses in the bible that related to many topics that we talk about/teach Owen throughout our day. Each verse starts with a different letter of the alphabet. I took some butcher paper, the length from floor to ceiling and wrote out each letter (bubble style). One afternoon we put the sheet of paper on the floor and while I wrote out the verses, Owen colored in each letter. And we hung it on our family room wall, where we can see it when we sit at our kitchen table.

I've come up with signs or used familiar song melodies to go with each verse and we're through E as of now and he's loving it! I'm not about trying to shove verses down my four year olds throat, however, I do think it is so important that our children know God's word, that it is written on their hearts as well as ours. And when you teach them in a way that is fun and easy to catch on, they can really get into it and love it. Never once do I even force him to practice, he brings it up on his own as he sees it on the wall. So we're learning at his pace but it's been a really cool tool for teaching Owen God's word.

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