September 02, 2009

9 Years!

Today makes 9 years that Noah and I have been married!  It has been an amazing 9 years.  I’m not sure there’s anything else like it in life, experiencing hard and easy, joy and sadness, growth and coasting all with one person… forever…a good work that will continue everyday.  My husband, Noah, is amazing. He loves Jesus… He has been my encourager, my supporter, my steady, and my every day example of Christ. He is humble and has a heart that loves others.  He speaks truth to me and listens to me… He knows who he is in Christ.  He loves me and he loves our son.  Just wanted to wish you a happy 9 honey!  One of my most incredible blessings from my God was the gift of you.  ILY

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September 06, 2009 Andrea Haddon

sweet, loved this, sorry to inform you that your card got soaked in our “night of the spilt bed-side water glasses” so I bought you a new one and it will be on its way soon! Happy 9 to you both! LU

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