Hi, I’m Danika

I’m the wife of an amazing man, Noah and a stay-at-home mom to an adorable 4 year old boy, Owen.  We have a sweet but expensive yellow lab.  We live a simple life and I enjoy that.

I was diagnosed with Lupus almost 16 years ago which is where I first started getting interested in nutrition, body and overall health.  Throughout these 16 years, God has used my health and the passion for nutrition He has allowed to cultivate, to draw me closer to Him.  At first glance, the topics of my personal journal along side nutritional information on one website might seem random, but for me my journey with the Lord has become so real and intimate only through the suffering of this disease the Lord has allowed in my life.  He’s patiently waited for me to come to Him, surrendered to all control.  I lived the past 15 years saved by Jesus but living in my own strength, control and understanding. Along the way, I did learn so much about health and nutrition and I hope I can pass a bit of that on to you. But it is no longer the focus and goal of my daily life.  It wasn’t until last year that I realized that all these years I had wanted to be healthy more than I had wanted Jesus.  This pursuit led me straight into the arms of Jesus, broken and surrendered but ready to follow Him, despite the condition of my physical health. 

Nutrition and health is important and it is part of our responsibility to take care of our bodies that the Lord has given us, but not to the extend of it becoming an idol.  So if you find yourself on this site, you’re just visiting a life of a young woman learning to live for Jesus, daily practicing to deny myself for His glory, being available for His will, and as a result of my self seeking craziness over health and nutrition for so many years, you just might learn a bit about health as well!
Thanks for stopping by.